my escape


welcome to the million thoughts inside my tiny brain. exams are just around the corner and i am in desperate need of something to escape to and this seems to be my new procrastination toy. i got this idea, like many of my others in the shower. i dont know how long this will last so if i seem to disappear all of a sudden you know i didnt die.

i seem to always have a million things on my mind and i thought why not share it will some strangers. sometimes i just need to get some things off my chest and its always better when that person doesnt know me so that cant judge me as much. i know you know what i am talking about 🙂 we all have those moods.

most of the times i just need someone to listen and you will be that person, i can also be that person too. its easier when we are hidden away behind our computers. anyway, i best run now. over the next week days if this lasts that long i will share some stories with you, tell me what you think, tell me how you feel. i dont care, i am here and you are there.

love – it breaks our hearts. how ironic

xo quack out.