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not going to even try

i am about to lose my mind. i am not going to even waste my breath. whatever goes around will come around. to all those low scums that break hearts and then laugh about it and then find another victim to subject to their cruelty. watch out. karma will come back to get you. 😀

quack out. xo


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what if…

there is always that what if question, that one lingering question that we find ourselves asking when something goes another way. here i am asking my boyfriend about his past and then i suddenly hear something i dont want to hear. its awkward you know? i know i probably shouldnt have asked, but i wanted to know. i wanted to know about this guy i have fallen in love with. where he had been, more so who he had done. and well, if i was special. but its so hard hearing about him and others and then i start to doubt myself. so here i present you with my problem, is it better to ask about their past? is it better to know or not? and what have you done in this situation

quack out. xo

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squash me

weigh me down, make me stronger

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you, me and them

back 🙂

i saw a facebook page and it was so true that i had to run here and tell you all. ” a relationship should be between two people not the whole world” – oh wow, lately i encountered something just like this. it was absolutely ridiculous. long story short, this girl couldnt date this guy even though they both liked each other because her friend was his ex and even though she didnot care, the other “friends” were being bitches and cows and started whispering and stirring shit. all because this girl didnt want to tell her friends to just stick it where it counts, she threw away an amazing relationship. and this hurts me, this makes me so sad. why is a relationship anyone elses business? if they both like each other i dont see why they cant be together. this is the 21st century, we arent in high school anymore and we are adults. sigh, i feel for the guy. it sucks, has this ever happened to you? did they come around and tell you they didnt care, that you were worth it? share with me your stories 🙂

btw, this also works the same with gays/lesbians. i dont really care what orientation you are. people should just mind their own business. last time i checked you cant really help who you fall for and well, if you like them and they like you, give it a shot. seriously, you never know when your next chance will be.

quack out xo.

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grow the tomato up

angered. i need to vent.

seriously i thought that after graduation people grew up. all those little childish plays were over, i srsly thought that. how stupid of me. you know how we were in high school and there were those girls that would start rumours and pick on you cause they had their insecurities? well, i was hoping that after graduation they would drop that all and try to move on with their lives but they obviously dont. i dont understand why though, its not like we other people have done anything wrong.

i am so sick of seeing these people stop others and putting others down. i am so over it. i thought that once you became an adult you had to show it, but these people still hang around and spread their rumours, talk shit and wait to get hit.

please grow the tomato up.because i really do not look forward to a future filled with catty childish play, especially when i am an old granny.

quack xo.

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we all wish that we had the power to change it all.

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merry go heartbreak

everytime i close my eyes i see them. – i hear this so much, and its hurts.

have you ever opened up your heart to someone only to be hurt? it sucks doesnt it? it sure as hell kills. it happened to a friend of mine, it has happened to me and i am sure that it has happened to you. out of no where there comes this guy/girl and they sweep you away. you tell yourself to hold back but they tell you to trust them, you end up letting go and all of a sudden you feel yourself falling. you think that they are the one and you imagine forever, but then all of a sudden everything comes crashing down. it hurts so much.

it hurts even more when you have to see them every day, it hurts even more when you can see they care but its just not meant to be. you end up all on your own going through the same process, wondering why in the world did you open up yourself. you tell yourself that you wont do it again, but you know that you will. you know that inside you, you still hold deeply the faith that you will fall in love again.

for those of you that have been hurt and still hurt, i cant tell you to forget them, because its not that easy but i can tell you that you will get through it. remember that time when you were in year 7 and you thought you were in love and then that boy went and broke your heart? and you cried every night, asking yourself why? well this is like that time. only it hurts more cause you are older. we have all been there. there will always be tears when there is happiness. hold faith, believe. that merry go round will come again and it will be your turn again.

i believe in fairytales. i know, i am stupid. but i like to believe that there is someone out there. even if you only get to spend a few days with them or the rest of your life. you will meet someone, someone that changes EVERYTHING.

quack out. xo

tell me your heartache. make yourself feel better. let someone know that you are hurting. saying it out loud might make it so much more real but accepting and telling is the first step to change. the first step to a better future

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